A magical, alchemical world

RedSofa is a jewelry line by Montreal-based metalsmith and designer Joanna Szkiela. 

Inspired by nature and human nature, Joanna’s work is deeply ingrained with organic references and gravitates towards decidedly feral forms. Her predilection for dark-hewn sterling silver, unpolished gold and rough stones is a direct homage to the sculptural yet edgy side of nature. RedSofa's jewelry collections capture a magical, alchemical world with unaffected style and understated elegance.

About Me
A city girl I am drawn to nature - both mother nature and human nature. This duality is a constant source of inspiration. I strive to capture the balance between the two - the raw and the organic with the synthetic and the man-made. A self-trained jeweller. I love to combine the precious with the mundane - to create unusual associations between forms. The resulting process is endless and yet deeply satisfying. Each collection has a story behind it just as each custom piece has your story behind it.

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